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Experienced Agent Recruiting Program

The Experienced Agent Recruiting Mastery Program provides you with all the technology, tools, accountability trackers, marketing collateral and support to successfully execute a high-powered recruiting campaign targeting experienced agent recruitment.

When you purchase The Experienced Agent Recruiting Mastery Program, you receive ALL of the following:


  • 3 Customized Email/Direct Mail Programs for Recruiting Agents

  • 1 Customized Recruiting Events

  • 6 Customized Co-Op cards

  • 10 Experienced Agent Prospecting Dialogues

  • 10 Experienced Agent Objections and Stalls Dialogues

  • Experienced Agent Interview Questions

  • Experienced Agent Evaluation Form

  • How to Close on an Experienced Agent - consisting of 5 different closing dialogues

  • A Transition Proposal for Experienced Agents

  • Customized Transition Items for Experienced Agents

  • Transition Checklist

  • Lifeline Support for 1 year

  • Branch Management and Leadership Training and Coaching by Lou Izzo for 1 year

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