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Real estate agents all over the coutry are stating that the biggest challenge in today's market is listing inventory.  Agents and companies that capture the largest share of the overall inventory will have the greatest success.  


REL Re-Marketing is the process of completely re-evaluating real property to position it in the marketplace properly and get it sold.  It is an analytical process combined with effective marketing that becomes a specialty for a select group of real estate agents. These agents are highly trained on the counseling, evaluation, marketing and service that is required to re-market a home, and to re-market a piece of real property with a homeowner that has a sincere need to get the property sold.  Learn all the skills to master becoming a Certified REL Re-Marketing SpecialistTM:


  • How to make a perfect Listing Presentation

  • State-of-the-art Objection Handling Techniques

  • The best closing dialogues in real estate

  • How to invest in marketing that WILL get you listings


Real Estate Leadership provides you with all of the tools required to train your agents as REL Re-Marketing SpecialistsTM (RMS).

REL Re-Marketing SpecialistTM

To access the Certified REL Re-Marketing Specialist Program Order Form, please click here.

To access the Certified REL Re-Marketing Specialist Program resource files, please click here.

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