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Real Estate Services

In addition to the content of The Recruiting Mastery Program, Real Estate Leadership also provides service, systems, and products designed for today's residential real estate brokerage in

the areas of:

  • Recruitment Technology

  • Leadership Development and Assessment

  • Brokerage Operations

  • Increasing Listing Inventory

  • Generating Outgoing Referrals

  • Performance Coaching


Lifeline Program

The Lifeline Program is a service provided by Real Estate Leadership. It connects individuals based on comparable expertise, experience, and commitment. Lifelines work together for one

year using the outline Real Estate Leadership has created. Through Real Estate Leadership,

a relationship is developed that will allow you to have an equally committed professional to role play with, and work with as you implement your recruiting programs.


Coaching Program

REL's coaching is specific to individual brokerage performance and operates much differently than traditional real estate coaching models. Real Estate Leadership has developed Brokerage Operations processes that are easily exportable to your firm.  Our coaching group provides your company with:

  • A complete diagnostic review of your firm's operations with a quantifiable and qualitative evaluation against predetermined metrics.

  • A strategic plan to address your most challenging areas.

  • Specific support in creating the processes and systems required to address and repair these areas.

  • Assistance in implementation of these processes.

  • Continuous ongoing debriefs and coaching.


Real Estate Leadership specializes in helping your accomplish your most challenging objectives! 

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