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Recruiting in Real Estate has officially taken A TURN FOR THE BETTER!

After 7 years of negative and flat agent growth across the US, new agent recruiting and affiliations are showing significant signs of growth. It seems that the leading edge of millennials has arrived as well. New real estate agents in their early 20”s are not only entering real estate but they are also making a mark. Our clients who have adapted new agent recruiting strategies targeted to millennial are winning the market share battle for recruiting in many markets nationally.

The key to recruiting millennials in real estate revolves around messaging to them correctly, as well as, developing the level of candidate flow required to meet your recruiting goals. Many think that social media is an effective way to recruit millennials in real estate. In fact it is NOT the best way. In many cases it is found to be “strange”. A very strong candidate recently told us that she found that getting messages and tweets to recruit her was “weird”. She said, “Why would I go to work somewhere that was selling me on working at their company before they even knew me or my background? I want to work for a company that wants me to prove myself and will “hire” me to work with great people.”

Interview techniques for real estate agents are also dramatically different than just a few years ago.

Recently a client lost a prospect and was frustrated. I called the prospect independently and they were open with me about why they didn’t join that brokerage. I was extremely impressed by the agent-to-be, but I was quite honestly amazed at what she told me was the reason she elected to join another company, and turn down my client. It turns out, my client made a common but critical mistake that I see all too often…

Stay tuned for my next post to find out what he did, and how never to do it yourself.

Until then my best for strong recruiting in real estate! Lou

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